3D Printer Parts Accessories Maintanance Kit ABS Blue painter’s tape Print bed removal tool Glue Sticks + (1 each) .2mm .3mm .4mm .5mm .6mm .8mm 1.0mm Clogged nozzle bits with pin-vise

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Kit Includes:

1) 2 Quantity BLUE PAINTERS TAPE PRINT BED STRIPS: Perfect for ABS filament users. PLA can sometimes require Kapton tape due to higher print bed heat. Measures: 8.25″ x 8″ (200MM x 210MM). Easily applied with any flat/straight object (ruler or id card of some sort)

2) 1 high quality PRINT BED REMOVAL TOOL Measures: 8″ x 3″. Beveled for much easier print removal. 3″ wide for removing prints without them falling off one side of the tool. Semi-sturdy blade allows for some flexibility but insures the print will not bend the blade and fall off. Sturdy construction means years of use.

3) (1 each) .2mm .3mm .4mm .5mm .6mm .8mm 1.0mm Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits For regular nozzle maintanance and de-clogging (comes with an amazing 3.5″ pin-vise) Use as regular maintanance before each print or to un-clog a nozzle when prints begin to lose quality. Available in MANY sizes and combinations. Build your own pack from scratch option available.

4) 2 quantity glue sticks (7g or 0.24oz each) Glue makes removal with the tool much easier. Using the glue will also increase the life of each tape strip. Glue brand may vary but will always be 7g or 0.24oz.

About the Kit:

This kit is a must have for any 3D printer owner. It can also serve as a great start-up kit for a new printer owner. Removing prints from a print bed can be quite the hassle and can leave residue behind. Using the blue painters tape will increase the life of your print bed. The glue can be applied lightly over the tape in the area where your print will be. Use the 3″ wide tool to carefully remove your print and place it where you wish. The bits will fit perfectly in the pin-vise. Use them to un-clog nozzles or as regular maintanance before printing.
2 Painters Tape Strips 8″ x 8″
Print Removal Tool: 8″ x 3″
Nozzle Maintanance Kit: (1 each) .2mm .3mm .4mm .5mm .6mm .8mm 1.0mm Bits + Pin-Vise
For ABS and lower heat PLA filaments
2 Glue Sticks included: Brand may vary: Always 7g 0.24oz each